How a Critical Care Podcast Was Born

June 2005

Richard Savel, MD, an intensivist in Brooklyn, NY asked in the forum of the Society of Critical Care Medicine why there isn't a critical care podcast:

"I commute every day from Manhattan via subway and have been getting into listening to podcasts. There should be a Critical Care podcast. SCCM could use it to give updates. It could be great. They could tape lectures around the country on critical care issues and distrubute them via an RSS feed and people could listen to them on iPods. Anyone who knows anyone at SCCM that could make this happen."

That was in June, and some of his colleagues were not even sure what a podcast is. "Sounds like something to do with iPod?", asked Ratnani.

Dr. Savel provided the "CME" and the Wikipedia link. "If you have an iPod--and almost everyone does--then you can listen to podcasts."

July 2005

Then it looks like for a month nobody did anything... but actually, somebody did. Dr. Savel contacted the SCCM, joined the NYC Podcasting Association, and booked hosting on When you want something to happen, your best option is to go ahead and make it happen.

The first Critical Care Podcast was born on July 21!

Educational and stylish, with a classical music introduction, you can find the podcast in the iTunes library or subscribe here. Download the first edition of the podcast here.

Congratulations to the Society of Critical Care Medicine and Dr. Savel. This is the first podcast by a national medical society. Who will be next? AMA, ACP or the Society of Hospital Medicine?

I added the Critical Care Podcast to the Odeo channels tagged with "medicine".

August 2005

The Critical Care Podcast is featured on the official SCCM website.

Richard H. Savel, MD is the Associate Director of Surgical ICU, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

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