Harrison's Online Starts Podcasting

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine is the textbook present in every doctor's office. Residents browse through its pages searching for answers during all morning reports in this country.

Now Harrison's Online is offering a weekly podcast featuring the Grand Rounds and Updates of the main textbook and Hurst's the Heart. Just download it to your iPod and listen when you drive to work...

As of now, there are at least three quality medical podcasts created by major institutions:


- Harrison's Online

- The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM)

After hearing Eric Topol and Eugene Braunwald podcasting (two of the 20 most influential scientists in medicine), there is little doubt that medical podcasting will be a success.

Interview with Eric J. Topol, who calls into question the use of nesiritide for heart failure - NEJM
Optimal Myocardial Reperfusion Therapy in STEMI by Eugene Braunwald - Odeo.com
McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine Becomes First Medical Online Service to Launch Free Podcasts - Yahoo Biz
Image source: sxc.hu

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