Medical Podcasts - Direct Links to Subscribe on iTunes

Podcast is a MP3 file that can be downloaded to and played on an iPod. All medical podcasts listed here are free. iTunes is the Apple podcast store that works with iPods.

Subscribe on iTunes by clicking the links below. Alternatively, you can add the podcast to Odeo by just copying and pasting the podcast URL below.

New England Journal of Medicine
Check out the audio archive
Website - Podcast URL

Harrison's Online
Grand Rounds lectures and updates
Website - Podcast URL

Mayo Clinic
This podcast is a part of the Medical Edge project which also features radio and TV clips.
Website - Podcast URL

Society of Critical Care Medicine
Website - Podcast URL

American Society of Microbiology
Website - Podcast URL

These are selected podcasts. A more complete list is available on KidneyNotes.blogspot and KraftyLibrarian.blogspot.

Update 06/16/2007: More links

Podcasts and Videocasts. UBC Health Library Wiki.
Podcasts and vodcasts in medicine. Dean Giustini (PDF)

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