Selection of My Twitter Favorites, Edition 61

Twitter is a microblogging service where people answer the question "What are you doing?" via 140-character messages from their cellphone, laptop or desktop. You can select the messages (called "tweets") that you find interesting, useful, amusing, or disagreeable. Here is the 61st edition of My Twitter Favorites (the oldest post is at the bottom, the newest at the top): Micro-blogging on Twitter is easy, fun and can be very useful and educational if you follow/subscribe to interesting people. You can read more here: A Doctor's Opinion: Why I Started Microblogging on Twitter and visit my account at Twitter/AllergyNotes.

  1. Aaron Loganpyknosis A significant but vastly under-reported cause of acute coronary syndrome is spiders that dangle from a thread at eye level.
  2. Laika (Jacqueline)laikas @doc_rob: Hm...I just got notice that I am being followed by "Neglected diseases." It kind of makes me nervous. -- Just neglect it ;)
  3. doc_robdoc_rob Patient told me about a friend who asked about the "Hiney" flu (H1N1).
  4. Dr. Sanjay GuptasanjayguptaCNN emerging patterns of disease due to global warming. tularemia in TX. malaria in NJ. infectious disease doctors say it is already happening.
  5. Larry Brilliantlarrybrilliant With son @jonbrilliant saw lava beds, rainforest, sandy beaches, coves, bays, points, waterfalls, Big Father-Son day on Big Island Hawaii
  6. Howard Lukshjluks Unnecessary tests. 6 patients referred from prim. care.. All had MRIs. None had XR, after I did XR>> none needed MRI in first place.
  7. Westby Fisher, MDdoctorwes #heartrhythm 500 chemicals in blood after a meal: 60% human, 30% from nutrients, and 10% from microbes in your gut.
  8. John SharpJohnSharp Shape up + go + Amish walk over 10000 steps per day and have less than 5pct obesity
  9. Tim O'Reillytimoreilly I'll be speaking at a conference in Poland via Skype from CA in about 20 minutes. It's easy to forget what an amazing world we live in.
  10. shel israelshelisrael Random thought: Tweet only about what interests you. Then you'll be followed only by people who care. Fewer followers. Better conversations
  11. Howard Lukshjluks Meetings! If you're not at the table, you are on the menu !!!
  12. Tim O'Reillytimoreilly "The US Constitution does not guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it." Benjamin Franklin #quotes
  13. Ohio Family PracticeOFPC New geriatric pain mgmt. guidelines: "Nonselective NSAIDs and COX-2 selective inhibitors may be considered rarely"
  14. David Schronceschroncd My company has revamped it's Dental Plan. The HR Dept. mailed me a toothbrush.
  15. Chris SeperchrisseperIcon_lock At Home Depot. Woman mistakes me for an employee (despite 4yr old with me) and asks me to load bags of dirt into her cart. I did it.
  16. Om Malikom Funny observation: when reading a paper, news takes longer to consume, has more philosophical impact. On the web we just snack on news.
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