Who Are the Medical Bloggers and Where to Find Them?

Where to Find Medical Blogs?

This is the short list for starters:

- Medlogs.com is an aggregator of about 100 medical blogs

- Grand Rounds feature the weekly best of the medical blogosphere. Pre-Rounds is an article series about the hosts of Grand Rounds on Medscape.com

- Technorati (tag: medicine, for example)

The other option is just to check the blogroll of any medical blogger. The links to other bloggers are there.

Who Are the Medical Bloggers?

SoundPractice features interviews with several medical bloggers. You can listen to the interviews online or download the MP3 files (around 20 MB each).

- MedPundit is a PCP from Ohio who writes about the medical news of the day and does not want to reveal her identity, although as I wrote before, Google can discover anything in today's online world. Download the interview.

- Robert Centor of DB's Medical Rants is an academic internist who works at the VA and is very active at the SGIM and ACGIM. DB stands for Doctor Bob, I guess. Dr. Centor is professor of internal medicine at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, and recently wrote an Op-Ed for USA Today. Download the interview.

- Kevin Pho is a PCP with entrepreneurial interests who maintains not one but two medical blogs - Kevin, M.D. and StraightFromTheDoc. Download the interview.

- Joe Stirt from BookOfJoe is an anesthesiologist who does not watch TV, does not read blogs and rarely writes about medicine but gets 5,000 visitors daily. Even Steve Wozniak came by to leave a comment. Hey, I got a visit by Mark Jen (former Googler, current Plaxo) but I guess, this is not in the same league... Dr. Stirt who did not have a computer until 2001, gets ideas for his blog from 5 major newspapers (print editions). Download the interview.

- Psychiatrist-blogger Shrinkette. Download the interview.

- ER physician Allen Roberts blogs on GruntDoc.com. Download the interview.

- Psychiatry resident Maria of intueri.org. Download the interview.

- Medical student. Download the interview.

- Medblogger as patient - interview with Elisa Camahort of HealthyConcerns.com. Download the interview.

- Interview with the founder of Grand Rounds, Nick Genes of Blogborygmi. Download the interview. Nick is a resident in emergency medicine.

Doctor Anonymous discusses Medgadget Blog Awards with Dr. Nick Genes.

- Interview with the internist Chris Rangel of RangelMD.com. Download the interview.

- Interview with Rita Schwab, a medical credentials specialist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and founder of MSSP Nexus Blog. Download the interview.

- Interview with R.W. Donnell of Notes from Dr. RW medical blog, a hospitalist in Northwest Arkansas. Download the interview.

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Updated: 01/12/2008


  1. I made quite an extensive list of medical bloggers and their profession. It is in Dutch but I think the list is also quite readable for English readers.

  2. Excellent entry! =)
    I've listened to the interview with Kevin Pho. It's pretty interesting.
    Your blog - Clinical cases & Images - along with medlogs.com are the best ones out there imo. I check them almost every day now. This blog contains some interesting medical topics, but they're not so in-depth that only the real experts know what you're talking about.

    I was planning on posting an item on medical blogs on my blog too (some coincidence :). Although like Jan's blog, it's probably gonna be in Dutch (double coincidence! =). Though my entry is not going to contain as many blogs as yours. Though additionally, I now have your item and Jan's item to point to :)

    It's a real shame Blogger doesn't have trackback links though. Would make it easier to interconnect blogs. Especially since blogger is the most popular one out there...
    Jan, does your blog have trackbacks? I couldn't find it :\


  3. Hello Aria,

    Unfortunately my blog also does not offer trackback. It is definitely high on my priority list.


  4. Hi there,

    Do you have the Medscape Bloggers

    They've got a group of nurses blogging over there.

  5. Hi

    I'm looking for peer occupational physicians blogs... I could find only one in English (besides mine), one in French and one in Indonesian [couldn't understand a word].

    Any suggestions? Thanks!