How Can a Doctor Use Google Page Creator?

There are multiple uses for the newly-launched Google Page Creator, available at See which one fits you:

Easy to Create Website

Google Page Creator is an Ajax-based Geocities clone with a storage limit of 100 MB. Your web address is "Example" is your Google/Gmail account name. I think that this product actually has a future: it is easy to use and offers a great storage. This does not apply to the strange-looking Google Base. Analysts speculate that Pages is a part of the much rumored Google Web Office Suite.

100-MB File Storage

You can upload any file types: MS Word, Excel, PDF, Flash. Google Pages works like a great storage cabinet, better than the meager 15 MB offered by Yahoo! Geocities. You can easily archive your PowerPoint presentations online.

Online CV

Google Pages looks like a good solution to creating a resume page when you look for a job. This can be useful for residents applying for a fellowship or starting their first job. Don't forget to buy the domain and make it redirect to your googlepages website ($ 9 per year from "Myname" is your own name, check if it is available on

By creating a resume website, you have at least some control over your online identity. You would like your patients to see you when they Google you instead of somebody else's website.

Dr. Schwimmer's and Dr. Savatta's pages are good examples.

Small Practice Website

Google Pages can be used to host a physician practice website. Almost 50 percent of small businesses do not have a website. Microsoft Office Live is also geared towards the same customers with the goal of making a small business website very easy.

Bottom Line: Google Page Creator offers more freedom to web users which is always a good thing.

Update 4/7/2007:
Potential employers and patients will search for your name on Google before they even see you. Further reading: Googling your date. CNN, 4/2007.

Update 02/28/2008:
Google Sites based on the wiki JotSpot seems to take page creation to the next level. See the video below:

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Updated: 01/27/2009

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