Annals of Internal Medicine Launches Podcast and Audio Summaries

The Annals of Internal Medicine is the latest member of the "Big Five" of general medical journals to launch a podcast. The other four -- NEJM, JAMA, BJM and Lancet -- have been experimenting with portable audio for a while now. Click below to see the coverage of their podcasts on this blog over time:

1. NEJM, 11/2005.

2. Lancet, 4/2006.

3. JAMA, 4/2006.

4. BMJ, 9/2006 (the podcast is not active now).

5. Annals, 7/2007.

Podcasts and text-to-speech programs to convert text to MP3 files can be beneficial to medical education. For example, the podcast/videocast coverage of the 2006 meeting of ACAAI is lively, comprehensive and summarizes most new developments if the field.

Most people subscribe to medical podcasts by using iTunes/iPod/iPhone from Apple. A lesser known fact is that Google Reader can be used as a podcast program as well.

Click here to subscribe to all 4 journal podcasts in your iGoogle homepage.

Stop Going to Conferences for the Lectures. Listen to Podcasts Instead. Efficient MD, 06/2007.
Image source: Annals of Internal Medicine.

Updated: 08/18/2007

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