Video: Dancing Grizzly Cannot Resists a Back Rub

A YouTube user has added a disco tune to the otherwise very scientific video by the U.S. Geological Survey Northern Divide Bear Project:

Dancing Grizzly

Video Description: Grizzly bear vigorously rubbing on a tree regularly used by other bears in Glacier National Park. USGS Northern Divide Bear Project remote video by J.Stetz/A.Macleod. August 12, 2006. Rubbing is a form of chemical communication. DNA analysis of hair collected from natural rub trees is used to identify individual bears and census the population.

There are more videos here:

Use of remote camera systems to investigate efficiency of DNA-based sampling methods. U.S. Geological Survey. In this video the bear looks in the camera first as if it is suspecting something.

Bears are fascinating creatures. I have a posted a number of videos of different Bear Species at Northern Trek in Cleveland Zoo on my travel web site Hit the Road - See America and the World. None of them compares to the U.S. Geological Survey videos, of course.

Polar Bears in Cleveland Zoo

Polar Bears in Cleveland Zoo
Bears at Northern Trek, Cleveland Zoo

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