Michal Kosinski: "The End of Privacy" | Talks at Google

Michal Kosinski is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He has published on privacy risks, psychometrics, and psychological profiling.

"Cardio IQ Advanced Cardiovascular Tests" by Quest

"Cardio IQ Advanced Cardiovascular Tests" are marketed by Quest labs and recently discussed by Dr Hyman and Dr Attea here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5bLggnbtyI

Quest has a 2016 webinar that discussed why Advanced Cardiovascular testing is beneficial, reviewed two cardiovascular risk factors Lp(A) and ApoB, biomarkers for assessment of inflammation, clinical importance of LDL sub-fractions, introduced the Cardio IQ Report as a management solution beyond the routine lipid panel: https://education.questdiagnostics.com/presentations/advanced-insights-into-residual-cardiovascular-risk?presentation_id=262

More info about the test and examples are here: https://www.questdiagnostics.com/home/physicians/testing-services/condition/cardiovascular/cardio-iq-report.html

Here are additional tests focused on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases:


Making the impossible look effortless... for hundreds of years

Ian Gillan, singer/songwriter of the hard rock legendary band Deep Purple, on the musicianship of his colleagues at 1:30 min in the video below: "performing live, they are making the impossible look effortless."

That's a good goal for any profession. And you just hope you can continue doing for "hundreds of years."



Cleveland Clinic in London

The new Cleveland Clinic building in London is growing from within - see for yourself - it's just across from the Buckingham Palace:

Cleveland Clinic London is on track to open a new 200-bed private healthcare facility near Buckingham Palace in January 2021. The opening will coincide with the system's centennial.


Cleveland Clinic London will focus on 4 specialties: cardiology, orthopedics, digestive disease and neurology. And it will open 3 outpatient facilities. The Clinic will employ about 50 doctors and a staff of about 200.


Disclaimer: I work as an Allergist/Immunologist at Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Physician Burnout Jumps Dramatically In Just a Few Years

In a commentary in The American Journal of Medicine, Drs. Andrew G. Alexander and Kenneth A. Ballou reported 3 factors for physician burnout:

1. The traditional doctor-patient relationship has been dwarfed by the relationship between health insurance providers and patients, with companies standing in the way of fast and appropriate treatments ordered by physicians.
3. Doctors are feeling more cynical as a whole, because patients don’t expect continuity of care anymore and routinely change doctors.
3. General lack of enthusiasm for their work.

Only 40% of physicians reported that they have a healthy work-life balance in 2014.

Work-life balance is defined as:

1. Satisfaction from work.
2. Ability to have a happy life away from work.

More than 90% of graduating residents now choose to be employees rather then to open a private practice. If they choose private practice, they may have to wait 6 months to be enrolled in the insurers panels.

5 transformational medical practice events could have contributed to the spike in physician burnout, according to the authors:

1. Hospital purchases of medical groups
2. Rising drug prices
3. The Affordable Care Act
4. 'Pay for performance’ in which providers are offered financial incentives to improve quality and efficiency
5. Mandated electronic health records (EHR)

After a review, the authors put the majority of the blame on EHR. Do you agree or disagree?