Australian Adventure at the Cleveland Zoo

Welcome to Australia; Where is the Koala?; Kangaroo Walkabout; They are too fast though...unless they're taking a nap

Koala Gum Leaf Hideout

Koalas habitat is at the entrance of the Australian adventure which is closed during the winter but you can still see these cute bear-like creatures. Koalas sleep 18 hours per day, then they wake up, eat some Eucalyptus tree leaves and doze off again. What a life...

Termite mounds, you can see the Yagga Tree in the distance - this where we are heading.

The Reinberger Homestead - an Australian Outback Ranch House

Walk inside this Australian house, you'll meet a giant talking koala.

Beautiful mosaic - aborigines catching fish, choose your boomerang and let's go hunting

Visit the farm

The Mysterious Yagga Tree

Let's climb up the Yagga tree but be careful, you have to go through waterfalls, to walk on hanging bridges, and to slide right into the throat of the coral snake...That is why they call the Australian Adventure...

Enter a dangerous cave under the sound of the Didgeridoo...Didgeridoo...Didgeridoo...This is the Crocodile Caverns Sinkhole.

Where the Crocodile is waiting for its lunch...

You can see everything by boarding the train at the Koala Junction. The ticket is $ 1.50.

Back to safety in the African savanna where the spring is in the air.

Annual Sheep Shearing in the Australian Adventure
Australian Adventure -
360° panoramic view - Convention & Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland

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