A Small, Small World - Fly Over the Globe with Google Maps

This new feature by Google is amazing - it is a real life satellite map with eye-popping precision. Just check it out. You cannot help thinking that this tool takes the game to a whole new level. The satellite images are fully integrated with the already very good regular Google maps and local search.

A Path Down the Memory Lane

People around the world are very creative - the new maps were released less than 24 hours ago and Mat Howie is already using them as a biography tool. He annotated the satellite views with stories from his life - My childhood, seen by Google Maps. (via Google Blogoscoped)

You can also check "Where is Google heading?" on the map, the answer is surprising.

See the Wonders of the World

This is Google Sightseeing - a website build on top of Google Maps. The motto is "Why bother seeing the world for real?", you can fly over it...See the The Golden Gate in San Francisco, Niagara Falls, Alcatraz Island, Honolulu and many more.

Look for an Apartment to Rent or a House to Buy

The Google Maps is an open API (application programming interface) which lets everybody build extensions and cool applications on top of it. Paul Rademacher has assembled the residential listings from Craigslist into an apartments for rent/houses to buy application. Check it out.

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