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Forget About DNR, AND is Less Frightening
DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) can sound too much like giving up, especially to patients who want "everything" to be done. "Everything", includes electric shocks to the heart, intubation and being on ventilator, for unknown time (often in vegetative state). Some people dislike the idea of "bringing them back" so much that they go the extent to tattoo "DNR" on their chest.

In any way, over the years, the DNR term has became loaded with misunderstanding, like the one that if you are DNR, your doctor will be less proactive in treating you (false). That is why a new term is suggested - AND, i.e. Allow Natural Death.

Language Makes Difference to Cancer Patients - NPR
Time to abandon the DNR -, (link via Kevin, M.D.)
DNR Tattoo - EMT Blog

Dick Cheney's Physical: An Analysis
Kevin, M.D. offers a good general screening guide for most people over 60, using the vice-president as an example.

So This Is Clerkships, Part One and Part Two
Graham, a 3rd year medical student, describes his surgical clerkship.

Surviving a Deposition - Tips from the Field
Dr. Tony who is an ER physician in Tennessee, and reviews medical records for an insurance company, gives tips on surviving a deposition.
(link via Kevin, M.D.)

"Pass-Out Game" Than Can Be Deadly
A 10-year-old Idaho boy was found dead, apparently killed while trying to get high by playing the "pass-out game". The "game" consists of gradual choking (by self or others) which can have deadly consequences. Read more in the CNN story.
Boy dies playing 'passing out game,' officials believe - CNN
Mother missed signs of 'choking game' - CNN

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