Podcasting Becomes Mainstream Overnight. Medical Procedure Guides on the iPod

With Apple's backing in its iTunes program, podcasting hit mainstream overnight. Forty eight hours after iTunes 4.9 included podcasting support, the program became the most popular podcast-management software.

It Is So Easy to Subscribe

There are more than 7,000 podcasts to choose from, covering almost every topic under the sun. And this number is going in only one direction - up... All podcasts so far are free.

Apple is making subscribing to podcasts so easy that if you don't have an iPod yet, you should go and get one. Your outlook on how you get information and entertainment will change dramatically.

Medical Procedures Step-by-Step

The photo iPods are used to show "podcasts that walk you through various acts of PC surgery, with photos popping up to accompany the spoken instructions " (CNet). This is an excellent opportunity to place medical procedure guides on the iPods. Our own central line placement guide is leading the search engine queries. It would be nice if we could place it, along with text, as a photo-enabled podcast, illustrating the procedure step-by-step. We will give it a try. May be after Odeo launches the third section of their website - creating podcasts (Odeo - Listen, Sync, Create)... ZDnet calls the images-enabled podcast, a photocast - see an example here (7 MB file).

Medical procedures on the iPod is closer to reality now since the new video iPod was launched. Russell Beattie is suggesting portable How-To videos.

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