President Bush's Physical - A Good Example on How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle

President Bush is in top shape for his age but this did not come only as a consequence of his genetic predisposition. It looks like he works hard to keep himself healthy. Read more in the Guardian article.

We are waiting for the detailed report with references to the current guidelines on Kevin, M.D. He did a great job analyzing the vice-president's physical report last week.

By the way, the annual physical is not recommended by any national medical society.

Kevin, M.D. heard our request and provided a comprehensive analysis of the President's physical examination.

What about HIPAA?
This is public information, available from all major news agencies and newspapers, and more importantly - made public with the patient's permission. HIPAA rules permit the publication of such health information.

Doctors Give Bush High Marks on Physical - Guardian.

Further reading:
Dick Cheney's physical: An analysis - Kevin, M.D.
Vice President Cheney Gets Atrial Fibrillation. Dr. Wes, 11/2007.
Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

Updated: 11/26/2007

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