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It cannot be easier than that - just check Odeo's tag for "medicine", and there you go - you can see about half a dozen medical podcasts. Odeo is free to use and you can either listen to the podcasts online or download them to your MP3 player to listen later.

Odeo tags work in the same way as Flickr tags - the user labels a certain MP3 (or a photo) with the category they think it belongs to. I am still the only owner of the tag "CXR" on Flickr... :-)

Kevin's Interview About Medical Blogging

The "granddaddy" of the medical bloggers - Kevin, M.D. is featured in the latest podcast of The Journal of Medical Practice Management. Congratulations, Kevin! The interview is really nice and very informative. They should have just made the sound quality a little better but it is the content that matters anyway.

Kevin covers most of the important issues - patient confidentiality, HIPAA, keeping up-to-date, using Google, patient information on the net, blogging as a hobby, etc. The reference to our post about case reports and HIPAA is flattering. This podcast is a must-have if you would like to educate your colleagues and patients what medical blogging is. Download it here (20 MB mp3 file, 20 min interview).

Case Reports and HIPAA Rules
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Update 2/20/2007:

Odeo is for sale.

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