Create Medical Content for the Web and PDAs With These Free Tools

Create Flash Training Videos

Wink is a free program that makes Flash videos. It grabs screenshots with cursor movement, and you can add textboxes and titles. Wink is used by the Opera browser team for online tutorials.

Your software training video can be ready in no time. Suddenly, you can teach anybody how to use that complicated electronic medical records program... PowerPoint presentations can also be posted online as Flash movies. If you want to add audio, you can try another freeware program - CamStudio, which creates .avi files.

Check out these free videos explaining what a blog is, and how to create one (QuickTime, Learning Blogger with Molly Holzschlag)

Learning Blogger with free video tutorials - and Learning Blogger
with Molly E. Holzschlag

Screen Capture Utilities - PC Mag
CamStudio is video capture sweetness
(via Download

Searching for a Hormone - in Flash

Do you know what phosphatonin is? If not, you are not alone. There are only 530 hits on Google for phosphatonin and the first one is a Flash animation created by Dr. Ott, Associate Professor at the University of Washington (UW).

Every Teacher Creates a Web Page

What is remarkable is that the UW actually encourages teachers to create web pages for their students. They have guidelines on creating a course home page with detailed instructions starting from HTML basics to PHP Hypertext Preprocessor...

From Web Page to Web Platform

Giving the power to create content back to the user is an excellent idea. Especially today when we have such easy to use platforms like Blogger, which you can use to publish directly from MS Word to the web. May be we do not need that PHP Hypertext..., after all.

Osteoporosis and Bone Physiology - Department of Medicine, University of Washington
PHEX regulation of phosphate transport and vitamin D metabolism in the proximal tubule - Images from Clinical Medicine
From Web page to Web platform - CNet

Create eBooks for Free with ReaderWorks

Microsoft Reader makes reading on a mobile device very easy. ReaderWorks is a free program that creates Reader-compatible .lit files for Pocket PCs.

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  1. These tools are easy to use for publishing, but not for surfing

    You would never get Pages like these
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    Just by adding pictures through a standard procedure.