Flavor of Flavanol - It's Delicious and It Could Be Good for You

It looks like flavanols are the new black. They are in cocoa beans, dark chocolate, red wine and green tea. Finally you can eat something that it is delicious and it can be good for you. It is not like the negative calories of a celery stick (it takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it to begin with)... :-)

Mars Inc. developed CocoaVia granola bars, and they market it almost as a pill. One bar of CocoaVia delivers 100 mg of cocoa flavanols. Mars is in talks with pharmaceutical companies to license drugs based on synthesized flavanol molecules.

The research showing the cardiovascular benefits of flavanols is still in early stages, so do not jump to conclusions.

Update 4/2007:
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Dark chocolate almost as effective at lowering blood pressure as Atenolol. NYTimes.

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Updated: 11/21/2007

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