Interesting Links

Company Names. How Did Apple Get Its Name?
Explains how some of the biggest IT companies got their names (via Digg).

Track visitors to your website using Google Maps
You have to copy and paste a single line of JavaScript in the site template but the tracker looks good.

Flash Earth
Which is better - Google Maps or MSN Virtual Earth? This website blends the two rivals into one and the results are very interesting.

Windows Key Shortcuts
A collection of very useful keyboard shortcuts (via Digg) for programs
Check out the programs other people are using, rated by popularity (via Digg).

Essential freeware for the PC user (and Mac)
Try out these must-have free programs on your machine (via Digg).

Update 09/09/2007:
40+ Free Windows Apps For You. Technology Bites, 2007.
The ones that I am trying now are Freemind, a free mind-mapping software, and Truecrypt, a free open-source disk encryption software for my external hard drive.

How To Build A Computer - a WikiBook

Audio of Top 100 speeches in U.S. History

Libraries offering audiobook downloads - USA Today

BBC TV channels to be put on net - BBC

Deep Ocean Photography Gallery

The biggest freshwater fish ever recorded - NYTimes

The Louvre museum 360 degrees panoramic view (via Digg)
Press 'Shift' to zoom in, 'Ctrl' to zoom out.

Updated: 09/09/2007

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