The 20 Most-Cited Scientists in Clinical Medicine is a Thomson (the publisher of PDR)-sponsored portal that claims to "provide a behind-the-scenes look at the scientists, journals, institutions, nations, and papers. "

They made a list of the 20 Most-Cited Scientists in Clinical Medicine, 1995-2005.

Just to give you an idea, Eric Topol from the Cleveland Clinic is the #8 scientist on the list, with 498 published papers which were cited over 21,000 times. Each of Dr. Topol's articles got an average of 42 citations.

Dr. Braunwald, the editor of Harrison's has published 228 papers, with an average of 68 citations per paper.

Everything in this list looks very legitimate apart from the fact the Dr. Topol's photo actually shows a female doctor, JoAnn Manson.

The medicine as a profession definitely needs more female physicians but as far as I know. Dr. Topol is a male... His picture is posted at the upper right corner of the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center web page.

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