Arounder: Panoramic Photo Tours of the World Famous Destinations

Life inside a 2-litre water bottle
This project was linked on but that was only the beginning. has zoom in/zoom out panoramas of some of the world most famous destinations:

The Grand Canyon & Colorado River
Milan's Duomo Cathedral
Sant' Ambrogio Basilica
San Rocco Church, Lugano Switzerland
Santa Maria degli Angeli, Monte Tamaro
The Last Supper of Leonardo Da Vinci
Koeln Dom
Rome Colosseum
Santa Maria Maggiore
San Giovanni in Laterano
San Paolo Fuori le Mura
Arounder Barcelona
Arounder Lugano
Arounder Milano
Arounder Monaco
The Riviera (Italian, French)
Parma Baptistery and Duomo
Arounder Roma
Arounder Koeln
Arounder Cypro
Arounder Riviera Ligure

The Louvre museum 360 degrees panoramic view (via Digg)
Press 'Shift' to zoom in, 'Ctrl' to zoom out.

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