A Medical Student Writes About Different Clinical Clerkships

Graham is a medical student and the author of the popular blog Over My Med Body. He describes his experiences going through various clinical clerkships:

- Surgery - part one and two
- Neurology - part one and two
- Radiology
- Geriatrics

There is also a post about the Medical School Depression.

This is some great material for Kent Bottles from SoundPractice. In his very informative interviews with medical bloggers Dr. Bottles likes to explore (among other topics) the difference between the established physicians and the new generation of medical students and residents. Graham would be a good candidate for an interview.

Some other interesting ideas of his:

- MedList is an AJAX-based online application which offers "a way for the patients to store their list of medications online, email a copy to themselves, update them later, print a copy out for their physicians, etc." Update: MedList is on hold until the HIPAA issues are cleared.

- Blogging Your Health Wishes - with a blog entry, a person could provide a written document of their wishes/advanced directive/durable power of attorney.

As mentioned above, the HIPAA rules may interfere with some of those projects.

Image source: grahamazon.com

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