The Best Medical Blogs of 2005 on

The nominations for the Best Medical Blogs of 2005 are currently underway on Medgadget.

Who Were the Winners Last Year?

You can check the results of the 2004 competition on EchoJournal. Too bad that CodeBlueBlog, one of the last year winners, has not posted since April 2005. May be the blog did not make it through the last code blue?...

No Cheating

In 2004, there were some voting irregularities, like voting multiple times from a single IP address and "cookie dropping", which hopefully will be avoided this year. By the way, "cookie dropping" is erasing the poll-organizer's cookie from the browser history and voting again (explained last year).

Suggestions for Fair Voting

Dr. Charles suggested last year that the organizers should count one vote per medblog author (via email), which perhaps would be more authentic.

Grunt Doc had another interesting idea: "I say we forget the online voting, all meet at a neutral site, and thumb-wrestle for the winner."

MSSP Nexus Blog proposes another approach:

"Since MedGadget started this, the onus is on them to create, manage, and of course fund the Academy of Blogging Arts and Sciences. Nominations shall be restricted to select members of the Academy. I'm not sure how they'll be selected, that would be Medgadget's problem to figure out. Once the field has been narrowed to no more than five nominees in each category, all members of the Academy of Blogging Arts and Sciences shall be permitted to vote for one Bloscar winner in each category.

The annual Award Ceremonies will, of course, be lavish. Each nominee will be required to submit an 8x10 glossy suitable for framing of themselves (or a face of their choice if they blog anonymously) to Medgadget for posting. "


Enjoy the nomination and voting for the Best Medical Blogs of 2005 and let the best blogs win. I am not sure that nominating your own blog is the best approach... :-)

Image sources: Echojournal, Medgadget , MSSP Nexus Blog(used with permission)


  1. I stand by my thumbwrestling proposal.


  2. Does the blog have be directed at the science of medicine or toward patients?

    The blog I have in mind is written about addiction treatment not the science of addiction.

    Would it be considered a medical blog?

    Does the blog that enters but does not end up with the most votes get any recognition?

    How many postings must the blog have for consideration?

    I'm interested in the thumbwrestling if it's only for lefthanded people - does that count?

  3. OldDude59:
    You can find the details for the 2006 competition here: