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Reading Blogs at Work

New research shows than many blog readers check out their favorite blogs at work: "Forget lunch breaks -- blog readers essentially take a daily 40 minute blog break."
Source: Yahoo News

How to contribute to Wikipedia

"Wikipedia'’s advice to editors is to be bold but not reckless. It is a pretty good life advice, as well", notes Gina Trapani.
Source: Geek to Live: How to contribute to Wikipedia -

Attack of the Blogs -

Another anti-blogging article... By the way, the editor of Medscape's MedGenMed Journal who was against medical blogging on Medscape is podcasting on iTunes now. Hear the other side of the story in Bullish on Blogs.
Source: Forbes Cover Story Blows It, Calling Bloggers Lynch Mobs - Micro

A Single RSS subscription button with drop-down options

This all-in-one button is an elegant solution for those bloggers who offer multiple subscription options to their RSS/Atom feed, like Yahoo, Bloglines, MSN, etc. Of course, the plain old XML is still an option.

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