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A case of gastric bypass surgery that went wrong
Source: Struggling with Body Image During the Holidays - NPR 11/05

Doctors for Oil
Venezuelan President Chavez and Cuban President Fidel Castro have arranged Cuban doctors to be sent to Venezuela in return for cheap oil. Now Venezuelans come to Cuba for free eye surgery.
Source: Medical Care Draws Cuba, Venezuela Closer - NPR 11/05

ACP Journal Club: Blacks and whites have similar responses to different hypertension drugs
This report is from a sub-study of ALLHAT

Survey: Medical error rate highest in U.S. among six nations
One-third of U.S. patients experienced medical, medication or test errors. Other countries included in the survey were Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand and the UK.

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Blood pressure is in 80s. Call a "pre-code"
A new approach to prevent the dreaded "code blue": call a pre-code when any of 6 predetermined parameters are abnormal.
Source: Hospitals try to break a deadly 'code' - Boston Globe

To die from a toothache
A tooth abscess lead to a brain abscess and the patient's death.
Source: First Coast Man Dies After Toothache - First Coast News

Dedicated Doctor Still Practicing at Age 92 - KATV
"I love medicine. I still have the desire and the passion to practice. I enjoy my patients", says the Arkansas physician.

How to be more efficient in your busy clinic?
The Medical Economics magazine editor offers some advice in You can get home in time for dinner. Nitty-gritty advice on how to make your day more efficient.

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