Microsoft is Joining Web 2.0 with Windows Live is the Microsoft attempt to keep up with Web 2.0. Even if you don't like the software produced at Redmond, you have to admit that portal is pretty slick. It is a spiced-up version of, which was around for a while, functioning as a RSS reader. works only with Internet Explorer for now. The new portal will be the default start page in IE 7. "If this will be the default home page for millions of users, it is definitely a trend worth watching", writes Greg Linden of

Subscribing to RSS is very easy. By the way, KidneyNotes is the first result for "NEJM feed", before the official NEJM URL.

Supposedly, "you can add podcasts directly to your home page by subscribing to the feed and the latest entry will appear with Windows Media Player loading the content right away" (via

Microsoft Office Live is coming soon too, in early 2006. It sounds interesting: "Office Live will provide your company with its own domain name, Web site, and e-mail accounts for free". It looks like plus GMail.

"Did you notice how fit Bill Gates is looking these days? Fighting Trim, is the word that comes to mind", writes Om Malik.

Office Live will not offer word processing or spreadsheets. Microsoft says that "22 applications that automate accounting and project management" will be included but who cares of there is no Word and Excel?, the online word processor will still have its users. For now... Russell Beattie predicted Monopoly 4.0 instead of Web 2.0 after this new Microsoft initiative was announced.

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Microsoft's introduction of its Live platform in San Francisco on November 1, 2005 - niallkennedy on Flickr
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