New Studies in the Medical Journals

One Key Question Makes a Difference in Patients with Chest Pain

18,000 patients with known or suspected CAD were asked the simple question "Do you have shortness of breath?". Those who answered "yes" were four times more likely to die of a cardiac cause during the next 3 years than patients who had just chest pain and no dyspnea. The study was published in NEJM.

Read more in Dyspnoea predicts high risk of death in patients with known or suspected CAD - BMJ 11/05

Inspired O2 Reduces Wound Infections

Extra oxygen during and after surgery reduced the risk of abdominal wound infections from 24% to 15%. The study was published in JAMA. Is looks like the local oxygen therapy device like EpiFLO may not be such a crazy idea after all...

Read more in High concentration of inspired oxygen can reduce postoperative wound infections - BMJ 11/05

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