Steve Rubel is Blogging About His Skin Cancer

Steve is the author of the popular IT blog Micro Persuasion. This morning he learned that he has been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma:

"One of my favorite pastimes was sitting in front of a Starbucks, reading books or listening to podcasts and soaking up the sun. I neglected to wear sunscreen or a hat, even though I am follicly challenged. Now I am paying the price.

I have a blog with 5,000+ daily readers as well as a significant media profile. I am in a position to help in ways others can't. If one person starts wearing sunscreen regularly because of what they read here then I have done my job."

Steve is launching a new blog called The Skin Cancer Blog where he will track his progress and provide links to information and stories from others.

Some doctors are encouraging their patients to blog because they will feel better. Read more in Blogging for health - MSNBC.

On 11/16/05, Steve had the Moh's surgery to remove a very small basal cell carcinoma on his upper lip and is now cancer free.

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