Did Beethoven Died of Lead Poisoning (Plumbism) or Not?

Scientists examined six of Ludwig van Beethoven's hairs (15 cm long) and pieces of his skull, and found out that the famous composer likely died of lead poisoning.

Beethoven died in 1827 at age 56.

Listen to the NPR interview with Bill Walsh who headed the team that studied Beethoven's hair and skull samples.

How was the composer exposed to lead?

The lead exposure occurred over many years. The reason could have been Beethoven's love for wine which at that time was sweetened with lead-containing substances. His favorite wine goblet was also made of a lead based metal.

Another hypothesis is that Beethoven was slowly poisoned by Danube fish. One of his favorite dishes was the fish caught in a heavily polluted stretch of the river contaminated with lead.

How did the scientist get the samples?

The hair samples were from a lock of Beethoven's hair purchased by a collector several years ago.

The skull pieces belong to a California businessman who inherited them from his great-great uncle, who was a doctor in Austria.

What were the symptoms of lead poisoning?

Beethoven started to develop health problems in his twenties which grew worse over time. His chronic abdominal pain, irritability and depression, for example, were likely due to lead poisoning.

Beethoven saw physician after physician in search of a cure for illnesses. Nobody was able to help him. Ironically, in a letter to his brothers, he expressed the wish that after his death, "scientists would use his remains to find out the cause of his illness so that others would not have to suffer as he did".

"Lead poisoning made Beethoven grumpy", summarizes Chicago-Sun Times profoundly.

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