How do people find medical blogs?

How did you find me?

Most people find medical blogs the same way they find everything else on the web -- by searching. Google brings 70-80% of the traffic to any blog, including the medical ones.

One of the funny things about being a medical blogger is reviewing the site tracker logs. There, you can see how people came to your website or, to be exact, what search queries they used to find it.

Dr. Charles has a special page called In Search of Dr. Charles where he collects "the most interesting search phrases that people use to randomly find my site (through search engines like Google and Yahoo). I find this fascinating, disturbing, embarrassing, and hilarious."

Some poor guy tried to search for the answer on Google: "name of pill two active my wife wild" and reached GruntDoc blog. His reply: "Not found here, but send me an email when you do."

Nothings tops KidneyNotes who as a true physician (and a nephrologist) always tries to help:

"To the person who found this blog by searching for "If you hold up your pee too long can your kidney burst?" -- The short answer is "No."

More examples:
Colonoscopy prep, coumadin, bananas and chocolate. Barbados Butterfly

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