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"My Experience with Laser Eye Surgery"
A patient blogs about his experience with LASIK surgery: "Having just come back from having the procedure done, I've chronicled the whole thing beginning to end. For those who are apprehensive of having this done, this may be an informative read."

The story was posted on and the comments are not less interesting than the patient's blog itself.

Aging eyes. CNN, 03/2008.

From the Curbside to Court
The SoundPractice podcast cites three court decisions involving physicians who provided an informal or "curbside" consultation.

Government Pushes for Keychain Medical Records - Medgadget
The contra point: "This doesn't make sense. Every ER I've worked in has net access. A centralized web app could not be lost, whereas I've lost a dozen of these dongles in the past year", writes enochchoi.

Do-it-yourself PAP smear - Daily Mail, UK
At-home HIV testing will soon be available as well.

Lifesaving move: CPR made easier - USA Today
The new guidelines seem to put much more emphasis on chest compressions as opposed to rescue breaths. AHA advises CPR performers to give 30 compressions for every two rescue breaths, i.e. 30:2 (the old ratio was 15:2).

It's not ABC anymore, DocAroundTheClock half-jokingly writes, it's ACB (airway, compressions, breathing). Learn your ACBs. KidneyNotes links to the New CPR Guidelines from the American Heart Association published in Circulation, Nov 29, 2005.

Listen to the NPR interview with an editor for the newly released 2005 CPR Guidelines: New CPR Guidelines Stress More Reps. Read more in Time: A Better CPR.

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Updated: 03/31/2008

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