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Odeo Studio = Record Audio
Record audio on Odeo (both are pronounced the same way) without any equipment, just with your browser.

The privacy levels of the recorded audio can be:

- public - you can make a podcast to broadcast to the world

- private - record a private message for your friends. This works like voice email.

Listen to Ev, Biz and Noah from Odeo talking about the new features.

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask - UC Berkeley

The Brain Surgeon at Google
Google is so complex that they have both a brain surgeon and a rocket scientist working on it, writes Xoogler.

Poll: What happens when you Google your own name?
The options are:
"- Your web site comes up - There are no matching results - A bunch of stuff about someone else with your name comes back - A site you don't control lists you - Your company's web site is returned - An article you wrote for your college paper 10 years ago comes up"

Check the poll results (via

The Washington Post Mashups
News Cloud and more (via Micro

Future-proof your email address -

A New Beatles Biography
NPR looks behind the myth
This is silly but fun. Check out the i-i-i website, click to see what I am talking about. Speakers required; monitor, probably not.

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