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With more than 40 sites (and cities), Metroblogging is a growing network of city-specific blogs. "From San Francisco to Bangkok, from Karachi to Toronto, Metroblogs write what is going on in the city."

References: Metroblogging - Wikipedia

Aerosmith and NASA: "Dream On" Video

"Stay in school, study hard and dream on", this is the message of the legendary rockers from Aerosmith to the next generation of explorers. See the video here (QuickTime).

Source: NASA

Google Increases Ad Font Size

Now ads and true search results are more difficult to distinguish from one another, thus increasing the click-through rates of the ads. The similar font is more likely to fool the users into clicking on an ads instead of a search result link. What happened to "Do No Evil", Google?

Project Gutenberg founder tells the story of the new very business-oriented Google that was not very interested in collaborating to make public domain books available on their servers.

Links via Google Blogoscoped.

Bird's Eye Views on Windows Live Local (Virtual Earth)

Bill Gate's Mansion is a good example. Link via Get a close up view of Bill Gate's house using his technology :-)

NYTimes Starts Podcasting

Science Times podcast is now available. It is likely that more podcasts will follow soon.

6 Signs Your Boss Might Be Killing You - and 6 Ways to Fight Back

A slide show by

AJAX Translator

Watch it translate as you type. To translate a single word, append a space.

Why Boeing 737 Crashed Cars on the Highway in Chicago

RangelMD is a pilot and explains that many old inner city airports were not designed for modern jet traffic. These airports have "shorter runways and overruns (the areas at the very end of runways) that don't leave any margin for error." See the maps on This could have been the reason why a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 slid off the runway at Chicago's Midway Airport. An official investigation is underway: Probe into Southwest Crash at Midway Under Way - NPR.

CNN reports on the likely causes of the accident and what can be done to prevent similar occurrences in the future. One of them is placing a special foam at the end of the runway which stops the plane. See the CNN video - A look at Midway's runways (3 min)

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