Neurology Cases, Physical Exam Videos and Google Medicine

University of Nebraska School of Medicine and University of Utah School of Medicine have created a comprehensive neurology curriculum (free):

- NeuroLogic Exam: An Anatomical Approach - well-illustrated with many QuickTime video files

- Neurology cases to accompany NeuroLogic Exam

Videos are also available on Google Video which is quite convenient since you can just search for the physical exam maneuver you are interested in, for example, "cranial nerve 3 exam."

Google Videos seem to be one more step towards Google Medicine, as named by Dean Giustini.

"Google, M.D.", is what I call the way patients use search engines to look for medical information. Instead of going to the doctor, they check Google first, get the facts (or pseudo-facts), and then (hopefully) check with their doctor. Google functions as a "physician assistant". It is important to be aware that your patients will be seeing "Google, M.D." first. Be prepared for their informed questions.

Physical Examination Videos
How Google is changing medicine - BMJ 12/05 (extract). Dean Giustini's blog
Top Five 2005 Search Trends in Medicine - UBC Google Scholar Blog
Google, M.D. In Action - Part II
Google in Medicine

More Google videos:
Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying. The Mount Sinai Medical Center, 45 min, $ 5

Image source: Google Video

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