Tutorials: Search for Medical Information on Google and Pubmed

Google Tutorials

It is official, now even the medical journals publish directions for physicians to get better search results on Google. One such article is Using Search Engines to Find Online Medical Information by Mohammad Al-Ubaydli published in the open-access PLoS Medicine, Volume 2, Issue 9, Sep 2005. The access to the journal is free and, as usual, "free means that somebody else pays for it". In this case, authors pay around $ 1,500 to cover the cost of peer review and publishing in PLoS Medicine. Link via Notes from Dr. RW.

Pubmed Tutorials

PubMed Tutorials based on the NLM's one-day PubMed training course. The Krafty Librarian has more information in PubMed Updates.

Image source: OpenClipart, public domain

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