30 Boxes is for Calendar what Gmail was for Email

This is a quote from Om Malik, an IT writer for Business 2.0 magazine. 30 Days = 30 Boxes, an online calendar.

This new Ajax-based (of course, what else if it is Web 2.0) calendar is pretty sleek. You can choose you favorite display theme: OS X-gray for Mac fans, Gmail-blue or Flickr-white, which is even called 30Boxs, Flickr-style.

The beta of the calendar was opened today, so go ahead and give it a try.

There are no ads and the service is free. What is the business model? I am sure they will figure out something. The company was created by Narendra Rocherolle who founded Webshots and sold it twice (that is correct, twice) to Excite and then to CNET.

There is a mobile version of 30 Boxes. For updates, check the 30 Boxes blog or No Soap, Radio!, Narendra's blog.

If you would like to try other online calendars, check 26 resources on Best Online Calendars which lists all of them, and you can even vote for your favorite.

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Image source: Thomas Hawk's photostream

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