Blogging for Beginners

ProBlogger offers some advice for PreBloggers and NewBloggers.

The topics covered so far:

What is a Blog?
23 Questions for Prospective Bloggers - Is a Blog Right for You?
How to Choose a Niche Topic for Your Blog
Choosing a Blog Platform
Choosing a Domain Name for your Blog
Blog Tools
Blog Design
Basic HTML Tags
Making Money from Blogs

There is more in the New York Times:

- Blargon, the jargon of blogs

- Blogs to Riches. The Haves and Have-Nots of the Blogging Boom. What is an A-list and a Z-list blogger?

Medical Blogs

We don't want Grand Rounds populated only by A-list medical bloggers, do we? Give Z-bloggers a chance...

10 Tips for Becoming a Great Corporate Blogger.
It’s a Big, Blog World Out There: Five Quick Tips to Building a Better Blog.
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