Harvard Medical School Entire Curriculum Available as Podcasts

HMS Web Weekly:

"Starting on in December, 2005, the Harvard Medical School course lectures became available for download onto the iPods of students, faculty, and staff.

This is the first time any medical school, to my knowledge, has used an iPod as an educational tool to distribute the entire curriculum, said John Halamka, the chief information officer at HMS

68 % of students have iPods, explained Halamka. “It’s the education device of the future.”

Link via Medgadget.

Professors use iPod for lectures

USA Today writes about Calvin Garbin, a psychology professor who uses a wireless microphone hooked to his shirt to record his 50-minute lectures, and then uploads them on his website for students to download.

Calvin Garbin says that the new technology enables him to teach 30% more material a semester.

Digital Inspiration writes more about Apple iPod making inroads in University Classrooms.

See a video showing how a professor from Columbia University uses iPods to teach dental students (Real Media format).

If podcasts are used even by farmers in remote Peruvian villages (BBC), why not in the classrooms across the U.S.?

Nebraska professor uses iPod for lectures. USA TODAY
Podcasts reach Peruvian villages. BBC
Dental Students Launch iTunes U Initiative. School of Dentistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Apple.com
Harvard medical students learn with their iPods. The Krafty Librarian.
Image source: sxc.hu

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