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Grand Rounds is a weekly summary of the best posts in the medical blogosphere. It is hosted by a different blogger every week. The collection below is my own "Mini" Rounds of interesting posts in medical blogs this week.

Thundering Clouds in January. Dr. Charles is Being Sued.

"I was sitting at my desk. There were charts piled high and I was dutifully making my way down the stacks, calling patients with their test results and following up on their many ills, when I caught sight of a thick letter addressed to me. It was from the risk management department of the hospital at which I completed my residency. It stated that I was being sued...."

Chest radiology teaching files

Department of Radiology at Johns Hopkins University has a new Lung Learning Module. There are Teaching Files, Lectures and Videos. You can test your skills by trying to diagnose the cases with the "Diagnosis Off" mode and then check if you are correct by switching to "Diagnosis On". Link via Sumer's Radiology Site.

Yale University School of Medicine has a nicely designed Introduction to Cardiothoracic Imaging.

New EMT shocked a co-worker with a defibrillator in a fatal prank

"Defibrillators are used to restore heartbeats, but they can also stop a heart.", writes Times–Dispatch. Link via BookOfJoe.

Obesity: An Infectious Disease?

Nobody believed the two Australian scientists who claimed that peptic ulcer disease is caused by a bacteria, 30 years later they were awarded the Nobel prize for medicine for their discovery. Is the same story repeating now? A new study found evidence that human adenovirus causes obesity in chicken. What's next? Vaccination against obesity?, asks Medgadget.

U.S. primary care near collapse

Markham's Behavioral Health: "A PCP can make $125,000.00 per year if he or she is lucky. An anesthesiologist can make $400,000 no sweat. Both have equivalent training, and the anesthesiologist has much less overhead and call."

Kevin, M.D. also comments on RIP primary care. Retired doc lists More things he did not become an internist to do.

Medpundit writes about the The Competition: My local grocery store is opening a QuickClinic.

Diabetes as a Social Illness

Medpundit discusses a recent NYTimes article series on DM care. She also comments on the sense of smell which is almost as important as another quality of a good doctor - the common sense.

Grand Rounds: Room for Improvement?

California Medicine Man has some suggestions on improving the future editions of Grand Rounds: "Is it possible that Grand Rounds are getting too big? Perhaps those that host it might consider paring down the number of entries that are actually published more? It's getting difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff..." Barbados Butterfly also adds Some thoughts from this week's Grand Rounds host.

I read medical blogs daily via RSS and I decided to collect some of the interesting posts in one place. My RSS reader of choice is Bloglines. makes reading blogs easy by offering an aggregate RSS feed of all medical blogs (more than 100) included in its directory.

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