Medical Podcasts: A Complete List

Krafty Librarian has done a great job of compiling a complete list of the medical podcasts in a downloadable MS Word file:

"I have sifted through a lot of web sites, lists, and iTunes programs.

Please feel free to suggest any that I am missing.

As this list grows it may be necessary to create two lists: those for consumers and those for medical professionals."

UBC Google Scholar Blog features the Top Five Podcasting Articles in Medicine (March 2006).

Update 3/28/06:

Krafty Librarian has updated the list of medical podcasts:

"When I first started on this endeavor I found eight podcasts, five months later the list grew to 34 podcasts, seven weeks later I have a list of 52 podcasts."

Update 06/16/2007: More links

Podcasts and Videocasts. UBC Health Library Wiki.
Podcasts and vodcasts in medicine. Dean Giustini (PDF)

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