PXN8 is an Online Image Editor. No Download Needed

PXN8 is a product of a small Irish company which helps you edit photos in your browser. Scoble compares it to Photoshop inside a Web browser. PXN8 is not there yet but it is certainly an interesting Web 2.0 application. The image in this post was edited with the program.

You can easily edit any photo by copying the URL (web image) or uploading it from your computer. The image can be uploaded to Flickr or saved back to the hard drive. Another website for online photo editing is Pixoh.com.

If you have several images of a landscape, you can "stitch" them together in one big panorama image using Autostitch. See the result on Russell Beattie's blog.

Update 06/24/2007:
Fauxto Online Photo Editor. Google Blogoscoped.

Online Photo Sharing in Plain English

Cool Web 2.0 image editor. Scobleizer
Move over Picasa - PXN8 is here! Web2.0Ireland
Autostitch :: a new dimension in automatic image stitching

Adobe Express - online tool for photo editing.
Adobe Premiere Express - online tool for video editing.

Updated: 03/30/2008

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