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Your blog is already visited by people from all over the world, therefore it is international but is it multilingual?

Google Translate

I included Google Translate in the template to help the international readers who want to read this blog in their native language. Scroll down to the lower right corner to give it a try. There is a simple form with a drop-down menu offering translation from English to several different languages. This machine translation is not perfect but it is better than no translation at all.

Digital Inspiration reviews different free translation services than can be embedded in your blog template:

Add Translation to your Website: Reach a wider audience
Create multilingual website with Yahoo Translation Tools
Add a custom looking Website Translator with Yahoo Babelfish

The other side of the story

Sometimes when I check the Sitemeter logs I see a link from a website written in Portuguese, Dutch or French and I am curious what they think about the blog.

For example, I saw this blog linking to my post about Web 2.0 in Medicine but it was in French and had no idea how unhappy the author was with my post until I ran it through Google Translator. She liked though, which is a great Web 2.0 application, and I am using it to write this post.

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Read Googlified in Multiple Languages. Googlified.
Useful Google Translate Addresses. Google Operating System.

Updated: 03/26/2008


  1. unfortunately , "google translate" dosen't support persian.

  2. this link is interesting: