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Google stock quadrupled in value in one year and then lost $ 100 in one week. "From its peak, Google's market value has plunged by roughly $28 billion. That's about equal to the market value of General Motors, $13 billion, and Ford, $15 billion", writes The Denver Post.

Web 2.0 is here to stay but I wonder how many of these companies will be around in a year from now...

Steve Rubel comments on Web 2.0 bubble starting to burst.

Russell Beattie's blog is a typical example of why Web 2.0 is free: Free means that somebody else pays for it. In the case of Web 2.0 economy, using the software is free because text ads pay for it. Russell makes an average of $ 100 per day from 3,000 page views.

Update 01/13/2007:
Corporations Web 2.0 logos by gtmcknight on Flickr, link via Micro Persuasion.

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Image source: Stabilo Boss
Link via Russell Beattie.com

Social Media Starfish and 6 Axes of Medical Education in Web 2.0

Updated: 11/12/2007

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