Google Health in the Works?

Google and Medicine

A ZDNet blog reports the rumor that Google is working on a project called Google Health. Adam Bosworth, a vice president of engineering, is supposedly leading the team to create G-products for the healthcare industry.

It looks like Google folks read Dean Giustini's editorial about Google Medicine in BMJ and decided to give it a try...

Increase the Speed of Innovation

Google Finance was launched today.

Google Health will be be available... this summer?

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, says the pace of innovation will increase which will lead to the release of many new products this year. I just wish that all new products were as polished as Gmail when it launched... Some of the new Google services, like the RSS Reader, look half-baked.

The Alternative: Windows Everything?

Windows Vista release is postponed once again (until 2007) and this gives Google some breathing room before Microsoft starts another attempt at conquering the information world. Make no mistake about it, the Redmond giant is in the best position to unify all your digital data across all platforms: desktop, PDA, game box and internet. Too bad they somehow don't get this Web 2.0 thing...

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