Statins in Business News

Business journalists monitor very closely the Annual Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology. Just today, there are 3 reports about new studies claiming that a particular statin is more effective than its rivals:

Pfizer's Lipitor aids kidney in heart disease patients. MarketWatch.

Lipitor at a dose of 80 mg po daily "improved kidney function" in patients with CAD. This is better than Crestor which at its higher dose can adversely affect kidneys.

New use for AstraZeneca cholesterol drug. CNN Money.

In the Asteroid trial, Crestor used at a dose of 40 mg po daily reversed plaque build-up in the arteries of patients with CAD, "the first time a statin has demonstrated regression of atherosclerosis in a major clinical study." Can you REALLY reverse CAD?

Study: Vytorin better than Lipitor. MarketWatch.

In the Vyva study, Vytorin was more effective than Lipitor in lowering LDL levels. No wonder Pfizer's shares are down.

More blog coverage of ACC meeting:

Lipitor Demonstrates Improvement in Kidney Function in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease.

Plavix, they now say, not only doesn't prevent heart attacks, it might cause them. Medpundit.

Treat CHF with mechanical filter that bypasses the kidneys. Medpundit.

Health: Nothing but a number: Lifestyle changes to control cholesterol. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Cleveland Clinic Canada, National Post, 01/2008.
Image source: Cholesterol. Wikipedia (public domain).

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