Google On-site Doctor Has a Blog

You probably know Dr. Taraneh Razavi from her occasional but well-written posts on the official Google blog, one of them was about travel-related DVT.

Dr. Razavi now has her own blog on (where else, Blogger is a Google property): Dr. Razavi's Good to Know Info.

Funny enough, the team members of her blog are:

A Googler
Eric (Schmidt, Google CEO?)
GooglePR (the Public Relations Department?)

Are the team member there just to help or to keep a close eye on the blogging doctor?

Whatever the answer is, I am sure that Dr. Razavi's blog will be worth-reading. After all, she lists the references to her posts just as I do :-)

Update 4/21/06:

To dispel any unsubstantiated rumors, Eric is not Eric Schmidt but Eric Case, a member of the Blogger team.

Link via Blogger Buzz.
Image source: Dr. Razavi's Good to Know Info
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  1. Thanks goodness some one else shows references. I was starting to feel like a nerd with OCD :)

    You have a very well thought out site. I have a lot to learn yet.

  2. Hehe, sorry to disappoint it's just me, from the Blogger team. :)

    (I'm a member of the blog in order to address any Blogger configuration or template issues that might come up...)


  3. Taraneh and Eric:

    Thanks for stopping by, the post was updated accordingly.

  4. Also just FYI, we liked your blog so much that it will probably be made a blog of note some time next month. And if I ever find time to put up regular links that I found useful it will also go on my blog.

  5. Thank you, Taraneh, that's very nice of you.

    I use Blogger, Google, Gmail and GCalendar daily and I frequently write how doctors and patients can benefit from them: just search my blog and you'll see... :-)

    By the way, good job with the post about overuse syndromes (RSI) today.