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Bill Gates' Way

Bill Gates shares details about the way he works with CNN Money, for starters, the paper on his desktop is replaced by 3 monitors: "Paper is no longer a big part of my day. I get 90% of my news online, and when I go to a meeting and want to jot things down, I bring my Tablet PC. It's fully synchronized with my office machine so I have all the files I need."


Steve Rubel of MicroPersuasion also lists the services he uses every day. The list is long and I'm not sure how he doesn't get tired just of signing-in/off of so many websites... I had somehow overlooked Google Bookmarks before I read Steve's posts. Since then, I switched my online bookmarks to Google (from and I like it better. Google is faster, the search is better (no surprise here) and I can use the bookmarks when I'm logged in my Gmail account, eliminating the need to have one more log-in ( There is not much in terms of sharing the Google Bookmarks but I prefer them private anyway.

Free Alternatives to Bill Gates' Services

DownloadSquad made a list of all the free services and programs you can use instead of Bill Gates' proprietary choices. Does anybody actually use SharePoint in today's blog-enabled world?

How I Work: Bill Gates. CNN Money/Fortune.
How I Work. Micro Persuasion
Roll your own Bill Gates workflow for free. Download Squad.

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