How to make a flow chart for your research protocol? Free programs

Clear flow charts can go a long way in explaining the randomization arms of your study or any other group allocation. There are 2 free options:

Desktop Programs

RFFlow is a free program "for drawing flowcharts, organization charts, and many other kinds of diagrams." You can download a free demo version which does not expire but has a slight limitation on the number of figures in each chart (not a significant hurdle unless you plan to make very large diagrams).

Web-based Services

Gliffy is a web-based tool for flow chart design. Similar to the web word processor Writely, you can invite colleagues to collaborate on a diagram. "Gliffy also stores multiple revisions of the same chart making tracking changes easier. You can even link your flowcharts from your blog or wiki", writes the Digital Inspiration blog.

I used Gliffy to illustrate a post about DPP-4 Inhibitors for Treatment of Diabetes. The diagram is now on Wikipedia.

Draw Anywhere is another web site for making flowchart diagrams in the browser.

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Updated: 01/01/2008


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  2. You can also try Openoffice Draw:


  3. Actually, I think I like the best. It's simple to use and since it's online, there is nothing to download and install.