A Medical Librarian Interviews Physician Bloggers to See Where the Medical Search is Going

The Librarian

The medical librarian is Dean Giustini who is the author of the excellent UBC Academic Search - Google Scholar Blog and the recent BMJ editorial How Google is changing medicine.

The Blogger

I am the blogger in this interview.

The Questions

The email interview questions are:

How important are Google and Google Scholar for you and how often do you use them?

If Google went belly-up tomorrow - what would you find the second most helpful tool that you have access to?

How do you keep up to the latest research in your specific area of medicine?

Do you know about RSS feeds, podcasting, e-alerts, and other "sharing" technologies like wikis, blikis, teaching portfolios?

Do you think your colleagues are opening up to these technologies? Or not?

The next one to be interviewed is our blogging nephrologist in New York City, the author of KidneyNotes.com.

Image source: OpenClipart

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