You don't have to be happy to do your job well

Joe who is the "world's most popular blogging anesthesiologist" writes that there is no correlation between how you feel and how well you do your job:

"Many of the excellent performers I know personally in various fields --— as disparate as law, gardening, sales, waitressing, medicine, airline pilot, coffee roaster, upscale real estate broker, and business school admissions committee member --— are not very thrilled with what they do."

He also gives a few examples of personal experiences.

Hmm... What happened to my happiness post that starts with "A happy doctor means happier patients (usually)" ?

You can be grumpy and still have patients that are happy with you, I guess...

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  1. a regular reader4/23/2006 6:27 PM

    Most popular blogging anesthesiologist? Maybe, but I bet Michelle Au at the Underwear Drawer could give him a run for his money...


  2. Dear regular reader,

    The description" "World's most popular blogging anesthesiologist" is from Joe's "About Us" page and I think he was involved in a passionate discussion about something similar before:

    'World's only blogging anesthesiologist'? — 'I think not!'

  3. I don't agree. And I'd much rather consult and work with someone who IS happy in their job.