Drinking Alcohol Daily Seems to Cut the Risk for Coronary Artery Disease the Most

A study published in the BMJ reports a correlation between drinking patterns and risk of coronary heart disease in women and men:

Women who drank alcohol daily had a lower risk of coronary heart disease than women who drank alcohol on less than one day a week. Little difference was found, however, between drinking frequency.

For men an inverse association was found between drinking frequency and risk of coronary heart disease across the entire range of drinking frequencies. The lowest risk was observed among men who drank daily (0.59, 0.48 to 0.71).

Doctors do not recommend people who do not drink to start using alcohol to prevent or treat any disease. If you already drink alcohol, and you have no alcohol-related problems or contraindications, you can continue using it in moderation.


Prospective study of alcohol drinking patterns and coronary heart disease in women and men. BMJ, doi:10.1136/bmj.38831.503113.7C (published 3 May 2006).
Alcohol literally kills: Gary Moore had 380mg/dL in his blood, Winehouse 416mg/dL when she died surrounded by 3 empty vodka bottles. Telegraph UK, 2012
Rethinking Drinking - NIH interactive website
Image source: OpenClipArt.org, public domain.


  1. Dear Sir: Alcohol in moderation might be fine and well for some people, but alcohol converts to glucose in the blood, so is a risky benefit at best. On the same subject, different verse, a recent study at Brown University put forth the interesting proposition that Alzheimer's is actually a form of diabetes. Since alcohol goes straight to the brain, people with a family hx of Alzheimer's should not drink alcohol, in my humble opinion. Please feel free to email me at fairport_denizen@hotmail.com and comment on this subject. Thank you for the articles, they are furthering my education(I am currently an LPN).

  2. Hi,
    my english isn't very good so I hope you can understand it.
    Last week I told my class sth about alcohol(I'm a pupil, too, I only don't know the word for that),
    and I read an article about it.
    maybe you know someone who is able to translate it:
    (sorry, it's not in the international wikipedia)
    It says that most of the studies were wrong because the people who have always drunk alcohol and stopped only for a short time were put to the people who didn't drink alcohol and so the studies had a mistake...